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How do you encourage reading in the classroom? And what type of activities can make reading fun? We’ve plenty of resources to keep you and your students busy.

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Short Story Writing Competition


Lots of people love sports. And lots of people love to write! That’s why this year we’re running a creative writing competition with the theme ‘Sport’. Submit your story and have a chance of winning a Kindle.

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Creative Writing Activities

ThinkingCreatively-Readers-310x119pxBeing able to think creatively is a good life skill to have, and it’s fun, too! These brand-new activities by author Chris Rose are all about encouraging creativity and creative writing.

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New titles for 2014


Who’s up for reading fantastical Viking stories, mysterious science fiction or a real Victorian classic? We have something to suit everyone in this year’s selection of exciting new Readers.

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Featured Readers

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