Shakespeare Competition

Shakespeare Competition

Thank you to all of the talented writers and artists who entered our 2016 Shakespeare competition.  The results are in!

From Argentina to Bulgaria, we were thrilled to receive over 600 entries from across the globe, and to see so much creativity and talent on display.

Our judges had a great time reading all of the stories and looking at all the impressive illustrations.  They also had a very hard time selecting the winners!

After careful consideration by our judging panel – which included Macmillan Readers author Chris Rose – we are delighted to announce that the winners and finalists are as follows:

7 – 12 years

WINNER: Petr Grigorev

FINALIST: Maya Asena Karakaya

FINALIST: Ksieniia Kurnosova

FINALIST: Nikita Grigoriev

FINALIST: Tomáš Demčák

13 -18 years

WINNER: Diana Lopez

FINALIST: Dana Veselá

FINALIST: Magdalena Cullen

FINALIST: Kseniya Mondokhonova

FINALIST: Giulia Murovec

19 years and over

WINNER: Kavya Bharat

FINALIST: Maria Oberyukhtina

FINALIST: Martin Fereš

FINALIST: Milica Neskovic

FINALIST: Gergely Bence



WINNER: Cover Illustration, Maria Pasatyuk

FINALIST: 7 – 12 years, Myroslava Symonenko

FINALIST: 13 – 18 years, Timur Shaidullin

FINALIST: 19 years and over, Elena Uspenskaya



As the character Dogberry says in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing;

“To be a well-favoured man is the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature.”(in other words = it is in our nature to read and write)