Perfect Reads to supplement Macmillan courses

These ‘Perfect Reads’ are designed to accompany your students’ learning regardless of which Macmillan course they are currently following. Click on the titles below to find our recommended Readers for some of our most popular courses.



BeyondBeyond is a new and exciting 6-level course (A1+ to B2) for teenagers learning English. Beyond comprehensively addresses all key language skills through a detailed sub-skills syllabus. Beyond also has a detailed and verified life skills syllabus specially designed to support students with the life skills they require, both during their education and in their life beyond.
Recommended Readers for this course
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Gateway_montageGateway is an academically rich five-level English course that leads teenage students to success in school-leaving/university entrance examinations, and prepares them for university and the world of work. The course stimulates the interest of students by using cross-curricular and international cultural topics about popular culture.
Recommended Readers for this course
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New Inspiration

NewInspiration_montageNew Inspiration builds on the success of the Inspiration series and brings it up to date with new and fresh content. This four-level course takes teenagers from beginner to intermediate, evolving with students and reflecting their changing needs and interests.
Recommended Readers for this course
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English World 7-10

EnglishWorldSecondary_MontageThe secondary levels of English World begin at A2+ and develop students’ independent study skills, critical thinking and exam techniques. The course features a clear and strong syllabus of grammar structures that are essential to learners of English and combines it with aspects of first-language methods.
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Open Mind

Open Mind BEFrom its thorough grammar and language skills syllabus to its unique Life Skills sections, Open Mind answers your need for fully rounded language instruction.
A full complement of digital and print materials optimise flexible teaching opportunities, allowing both you and your students to work in the way that suits you best.

This course is available in both British and American English (for AmE, see section below).
Recommended Readers for this course
Visit the British English Open Mind website:

Mind series 2nd edition

openMind AE

Mind series 2nd edition (AmE, comprising openMind and masterMind) builds on the success of the first edition of this American English young adult and adult course, providing learners with professional, academic and personal skills. Language skills are systematically developed in the course alongside the 21st-century skills that students need in order to have a better awareness of self and society, to handle the demands of their study and learning and to deal with challenges in their work and career.

The course offers a flexible combination of materials to ensure that students are learning from a variety of sources: content-rich reading texts, speaking and writing workshops, high-quality video, self-study Online Workbooks, and projectable Student’s Books. New Digital Student’s Book Packs complete the flexible blended offer of components.

This course is available in both British and American English (for BrE, see above).
Recommended Readers for this course
Visit the American English The Mind series 2nd edition website:


Global_montageInformation-rich, filled with intellectually-engaging content, Global enables students to learn through English and about English in its most international form.
Global – recommended Readers
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Straightforward Second Edition

SF2ndEd_MontageStraightforward Second Edition, a complete 6 level general English course has been revamped in a second edition, with much of the content updated and made more relevant to our ever-changing world. New topics, articles and exercises appear within a fresh new design.
Straightforward 2nd Edition – recommended Readers
Visit the Straightforward Second Edition resource website:

New Inside Out

NewInsideOut_montageNew Inside Out, a classroom-tested English course designed to develop real life communicative skills, takes all the best aspects of the original series, including the emphasis on personalisation and meaning, and adds a host of brand-new features.
New Inside Out – recommended Readers
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