Casino Royale – reviewed by Paul Giouras

Casino Royale

by Ian Fleming

Reviewed by Paul Giouras

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is an action book about the agent James Bond. The plot of the book is very interesting and it makes you become hooked on it. The book starts in an office. The agent 007 (James Bond) gets a mission from one man of the British secret organization. His mission is to stop a powerful Russian man who wants to win a casino game called baccarat.

Weeks later Bond is in the casino. There he meets two people, Mathis and Vesper who at first help him to win the Russian men. After few games James manages to win Le Chiffre. Later the Russian man kidnaps James. And he tortures him to learn about his mission, but James doesn’t tell anything. Suddenly a man from the SMERSH kills all the enemies and James is free again. James is in love with Vesper, but Vesper betrays him…Why? If you want to find out read the book.

In my opinion this book is very interesting. The plot is very easy to understand. If you read this book one time it makes you to read it over and over again. If you like the action books you’ll just love it. Although there are many characters in the story it is not big.

My favorite character of course is James, the most well known agent in the world. His style makes girls love him. What I liked about the agent 007 is his cunning mind and that he always finds a way to win his enemies. Of course, I hate Le Chiffre because he is the bad guy in the story and he loves only money…I liked this book very much and I want to read it again. I recommend this book for people under 20 years old.