Dracula – reviewed by Dimitris Kirgiafinis


by Bram Stoker

Reviewed by Dimitris Kirgiafinis

My teacher recommended that I read the book “Dracula”, because reading helps me to improve my English. I expected to read about Dracula and his victims.

The action takes place in Transylvania, Romania, where Dracula has a haunted castle. There, Dracula calls a lawyer named Jonathan Harker on some business. However, the purpose of Dracula is to kill him of course. In this dark, mysterious and scary place unexpected things happen. The wretched lawyer discovers strange things about the owner and the odd castle. Moreover, the lawyer becomes a prisoner. At the end, he manages to escape, but Dracula is not far away… If you feel curious about what is going to happen, read the superb book by Bram Stoker.

I liked the story very much because it is mysterious and has a thrilling plot. I didn’t like the end of the reader because it isn’t so interesting. My favourite part was the beginning of the story because the author uses such a wonderful language to describe everything. I liked the characters because they are good people and have faith. My favourite character was naturally Dracula because he is a mysterious person and that makes him very interesting. The storyline is exciting with an unexpected end.

This book didn’t affect me in any way, because the events are too unbelievable to be truth. When I finished the book I felt sad because Dracula was dead. In my opinion, the story could have a different ending. For example, Dracula wouldn’t die in the end, on the contrary, he would transform into a human and become a good person.

The author is a very talented person with great imagination. He has done a wonderful job, because he makes you to read and read, and read… As a result, you end up having read all book in one day.

If I had to put a mark for this Reader I would put the highest one. I recommend this book for those who like reading mystery and horror books.