The Phantom of the Opera – Reviewed by Dimitra Christara


The Phanton of the Opera

by Gaston Leroux

Reviewed by Dimitra Christara

Phantom-of-the-Opera-coverThe story the Phantom of the Opera is written by Gaston Leroux who is a very famous author. This was the first book I read in English. My teacher recommended it to me. This book was a really good choice.

The story is about a girl, Christine, who has a very beautiful voice and a strange man, Erik, who has a secret. Christine sang at the Opera House. One evening, she saw Raoul who she had met 10 years ago on the beach in Brittany. Raoul loved Christine and wanted to marry her, but Christine couldn’t do it. Those days at the Opera house there were strange things going on. One day a musician disappeared from the stage. Another day Raoul saw Christine in front of the mirror and suddenly she disappeared. Raoul was frightened and together with Persian, a person who knew Erik’s secret, went to find Christine. They walked along a very scary corridors and cellars. But when they found Christine and Erik, he wanted to kill Raoul and Persian. Christine had to choose between Erik and Raoul. Who did she choose? Read the book!

I liked the story a lot, because it is about love between Christine and Raoul who knew each other from childhood and Raoul did everything to be together with Christine. The part I liked best was in the chapter 1 because there Christine met Raoul for the first time when she was ten years old. My favorite character was Raoul, because he loved Christine and did everything for her good. The story was very nice and I liked it a lot. When I finished it I felt sad but at the same time I was happy because the ending of the book was as I had expected it to be. In general, all of the story was really interesting because the author has used the most suitable words to tell the story. The author did a very good job. He managed to make me feel the every feeling of the characters all the time.

This book is very good. If you like reading in English and if you enjoy love stories, this is the right book for you.