The Picture of Dorian Gray – reviewed by Lista Pavloudi

The Picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde

Reviewed by Lista Pavloudi


I chose the book “THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY” because I had heard from some of my friends that it is very good and is keeping you in suspense. When I took the book and read the title I expected it to be about a man who is called Dorian and his picture.

Dorian Gray was a handsome rich person with beautiful eyes. Basil was a very good painter and he painted a portrait of Dorian Gray. Harry was Basil and Dorian’s friend. When Basil finished the portrait it was so beautiful that Dorian made a wish that his appearance would stay the same and the picture would grow older day by day. As time passed, Dorian became an evil man and killed Basil because he was the man who painted the portrait. After that Dorian changed very much. In the end, Dorian decided to destroy the picture. His staff heard a man crying in the attic and when they went into the room they saw a beautiful portrait and an old man with wrinkles lying on the floor.

In general, I liked all the book, but my favorite part was where Dorian destroyed the portrait and my least favorite part was where Dorian killed Basil. I found the character of Dorian Gray believable and likeable because he had two personalities and this made him really interesting. The plot was fabulous because there was a murder and action. The author’s style is great, clear and it has got a fantastic aura. I think the author did a good job and I wouldn’t do anything differently.

When I finished the book I felt happy because I had read it. I believe that the book affected me and now I think differently. I think more maturely and I have understood that there are people who don’t value their life… They prefer to be beautiful and stay young forever being evil at the same time and they don’t want to grow older with time and learn new things about life. Also, I felt relief and joy. I felt proud because I had read this interesting book.

TI recommend this book to my friends because I think that they will enjoy it. The book was wonderful as I had expected. I liked the story and I wanted to read it over and over again.