The Secret Garden – Reviewed by Dimitris Kirgiafinis

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Reviewed by Dimitris Kirgiafinis

The Secret Garden

The Secret garden is a novel and I chose to read it because I saw it in the Macmillan readers’ catalogue and it impressed me.

The action takes place in a beautiful house in England. A little girl Mary moves to her uncle because her parents died of a horrible disease, cholera. Mary must live with her uncle, Mr Craven, because she is orphan. Days and nights are passing, and the little girl starts to get bored. In this huge house with beautiful gardens there isn’t anything interesting except for adults who work. After a few days Mary hears a strange story about a secret garden which everybody has forgotten about. Mary feels curious about that garden and wants to find it. One day when Mary is walking in the gardens and listening to the birds singing she notices something strange. It is a ring buried in the earth. When Mary picks it up, she discovers that it is an old, silver key… Mary thinks that perhaps it is the key of the secret garden. Is it? You will find out if you read the story by Frasces Hodgson Burnett.

I enjoyed the story because it has a lot of suspense. What I didn’t like about the story is the end, because I expected that it would be more interesting. The part I really liked was where the author tells about the gardens. The description of roses, trees, the ruins of old buildings and ivies is so amazing that it makes your imagination fly. My favourite character was Mary, because in the end she helped a sick child Colin to smile and to stand on his legs again. The author’s style is simple and comprehensive with excellent ideas. When I finished the book I felt happy because Colin got better with Mary’s help. The author did a perfect job because everything is described with simple words and that really helps people who read the book.

In my opinion the book ‘’The Secret Garden’’ is good with only one disadvantage – the author could have written the end differently, for example, after the renovation of the garden Ms Craven could tell about the days when his wife was alive, because I really wanted to learn something about it, but author didn’t tell us anything.

For those who like reading mystery books this one is a good choice. Have a nice reading!!!