Treasure Island – reviewed by Rocio Nieto

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Reviewed by Rocio Nieto


My name is Rocío Nieto. I live in Cordoba (Argentina) and I’m a high school student. In my school we have English classes and our teacher told us that we were going to read a book “Treasure Island” by Robert Stevenson. I was really happy  when the teacher announced that we were going to read a book because I love reading and this is a very well known story.

Is is about a 12 year old boy named Jim Hawkins who lived in England with his parents in an inn (The Almiral Benbow). One day an old sailor came to the inn, and stayed severals weeks . This costumer carried a wooden chest with him. In those days Jim’s father felt sick and Dr. Livesey came every day to see him.

In the stay of Captain Bill, two strangers arrived at the hotel in search of him and the chest. After the visit of the second stranger the Captain died, a few days after Jim’s father.

Jim and his mother opened the Captain’s chest and saw a lot of gold coins and a leather packet. They felt a noise outside and Jim knew that pirates were coming, so they escaped away from the inn. But when the pirates were close to the hotel some horsemen attacked them. Dr. Livesey had called them.

After that Dr. Livesey and Squire (a rich man who was with the doctor) asked a few questions. Jim told that the pirates wanted the wooden chest an also the leather packet, he opened it an there was a map of a treasure, Flint’s treasure. Flint was a pirate who killed many men and robbed ships, and the peopole said that he hid his treasure before he died.

Squire decided that they were going to a travel to the Treasure Island. He hired a ship, the Hispaniola, and the crew.

Jim, Dr. Livesey, and Squire arrived at the harbour to board the ship. There was a man named Long John Silver, an old sailor who lost one leg. Jim liked him immediately and Silver liked him too and they became friends.

One day in the ship, Jim hid in a apple barrel and felt asleep, when he woke up, he heard silver and another man talking, they said that they were planning to kill part of the crew once that have found the treasure. Silver was a pirate and sailed on Flint’s ship like almost all the crew, they were pirates!.

Jim told his friends about what he heard but they didn’t know what to do, they were 9 men against ninteen pirates.

After reaching the island, Jim  ran into the jungle and found a former sailor who had been  marooned on the island. This man was called Ben GunnJim  discovers that he had a boat. Captain Smollett, Squire, Dr.Livesey and his servants went in a boat to the island and take refuge in a stockade. After meeting with Ben Gunn, Jim went to the stockade to meet with their friends, and told them what had happened.

On the island Jim and his friends had many adventures.It was really interesting to read about them and what they experienced.

I didn’t like so much the begining of the story, but since Jim started saling in the  Hispaniola the book becomes much more interesting and compelling, so I didn’t read by obligation, but for pleasure. The author describes the situation very well, in a simple way, making you  imagine the scene to perfection

I liked all the caracters, because, most of them were and different from what the stories i had read. My favourites characters are Jim and Silver.

Jim Hawkins is a very brave boy despite his young age, and I am amazed by all the adventures that he had and also by the fact that he’s not afraid of anything.He is the real hero of the story