Brand-new titles for 2015

This year’s new Macmillan Readers include two classic tales: William Shakespeare’s Othello and Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey. If you’re looking for a non-fiction read, choose one of our new Cultural Readers: Australia or Italy, to learn more about the culture, people and landscapes of these two fascinating countries.

Have a look at our Alice in Wonderland page to see the two new ‘Alice’  Readers for young readers.

OthelloOthello (B1)

By William Shakespeare, retold by Chris Rose

Othello is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragic plays, and has been adapted for Intermediate level readers. The story is about Othello, the Moorish general of Venice, and what happens when he marries the beautiful daughter of a rich and powerful Venetian.

View Othello‘s free resources and sample chapter.

(Available from January 2015)

Agnes GreyAgnes Grey (B2)

By Anne Brontë, retold by Helen Holwill

Agnes Grey is a classic story written by Anne Brontë. The story is about Agnes, the eighteen-year-old daughter of a poor clergyman. When her family loses a lot of money, Agnes decides to help by finding a job as a governess. But it proves to be a lot more difficult than Agnes imagined…

View Agnes Grey‘s free resources and sample chapter.

(Available from March 2015)

ItalyItaly (A2-B1)

By Coleen Degnan-Veness

This Reader provides an informative overview of Italian history, art, culture, geography and climate, food, fashion, sport and more.
Italy is a country in Europe. Italy has a rich history of empires and great thinkers, and has been a centre for Western culture for thousands of years.

View Italy‘s free resources and sample chapter.

(Available from March 2015)

AustraliaAustralia (B2)

By Jennifer Gascoigne

This Reader provides an informative overview of Australian history, culture, its people, geography and climate, food, sport and more. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and the only one that covers a whole continent. Despite its size, Australia has a small population at just over 23 million.

View Australia‘s free resources and sample chapter.

(Available from January 2015)

Animal StoriesMacmillan Literature Collections: Animal Stories (C2)

This collection brings together stories and extracts which explore the relationship people have with animals large and small, wild and tame, real and imaginary. From a fantastical children’s fable to a complex psychological love story, readers are sure to find stories that will delight and entertain them.

With original stories by Rudyard Kipling, O. Henry, WW Jacobs, Virginia Woolf, Jack London and Gerald Durrell.

View Animal Stories’ sample chapter.

(Available from January 2015)