What is “charades”?

Charades is a traditional British parlour game in which one person mimes or acts out the title of a book, film, play or song whilst another person or an audience guesses the answer.

  • Players divide into two or more teams
  • The players each take a slip of paper and write a book, film, play or song title on the paper. These are collected up and placed into a large container, and shuffled.
  • The teams take turns to nominate a player to retrieve a slip of paper from the container. The player keeps the title secret.
  • The player then has to act out the title on the slip of paper to both teams. It is sometimes helpful to put a time limit on guessing. Whichever team guesses first wins the slip of paper. If neither team guesses correctly, the team who wrote down the title wins the slip.
  • The wining team is the team with the most correctly guessed slips at the end.

Rules of the game:

  • The actor may not speak, sing, hum, or make any noises at all
  • The actor may not mouth words at the audience, nor write out letters or numbers in the air.
  • Props are not permitted.
  • Some signs are allowed, for e.g. ear-tugging to signify “sounds like”, opening palms to signify a book, pretending to use an old-fashioned reel movie camera to signify a film, and holding a number of fingers against the forearm to signify the number of syllables.

Signals for common words

Some signals exist to signify common words:

  • “A” is signed by steepling index fingers together.
  • “I” is signed by pointing at one’s eye, or one’s chest.
  • “The” is signed by making a “T” shape with the index fingers.
  • Pretending to paddle a canoe can be used to sign the word “or”.
  • Other common small words are signed by holding the index finger and thumb close together, but not touching, to signify a “small” word.

Adapting charades for use in the classroom

Write words from an activity on slips of paper and then fold them up. Students volunteer to come to the front, then pick a word and act it out. The other students must guess what the word is. Divide the class into teams if you want to add an element of competition.

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