Literature Collections

The Macmillan Literature Collections contain original, unadapted short stories written by famous classic and modern writers.

The Macmillan Literature Collections are aimed at advanced readers and will help ease students’ transition from graded Readers to authentic reading, giving them the joy of feeling that they are finally reading and studying literature just as it was written.

All the collections come with substantial support material for each story, including a short summary; description of major themes; pre-reading vocabulary activities; post-reading language and comprehension exercises; a literary analysis section and essay questions. The Answer Keys for each collection can be found below.

Are you thinking of using the Literature Collections or are you looking for related class activities? Watch Ceri Jones’ training video on bridging the gap between Graded Readers and authentic literature!

The PDF Answer Keys below are password protected. To receive the password please send an email to, with ‘Readers Tests Password’ in the subject line, and we will send you the password directly.

Macmillan Literature Collections - Animal StoriesNew for 2015: Animal Stories

This collection brings together stories and extracts which explore the relationship people have with animals large and small, wild and tame, real and imaginary. From a fantastical children’s fable to a complex psychological love story, readers are sure to find stories that will delight and entertain them. (Available from February 2015)
Animal Stories – Answer Key

Food Stories coverFood Stories

This ‘tasty’ collection brings together five stories and extracts all with food at their heart. Food and literature have a long relationship and food is used to shed light on characters and relationships, from meals as the centre of family life to food as a political symbol. This collections is something for all literature (and food) lovers to enjoy.
Food Stories – Answer Key

World Stories

This collection brings together six stories from six different countries (India, Argentina, Russia, New Zealand, Sudan and Australia). They tell the tales of families and individuals, of love, loss and struggles against adversity.
World Stories – Answer Key

Mystery Stories

This collection brings together stories which explore mystery in all its forms. From psychological mysteries to mysteries of the heart, from strange phenomena to good old-fashioned detective puzzles, there is sure to be a story here to enthral every reader of mystery.
Mystery Stories – Answer Key

American Stories

This collection brings together six stories which explore the development of the American short story over the past century – from a fierce critique of modern suburban family life to isolation and lost love in the deep mid-west.
American Stories – Answer Key

 Love Stories

Six stories exploring a variety of perspectives on the theme of love over the last century, from a maid jilted by her social-climbing boyfriend to a bored housewife who is wanting something interesting in her life.
Love Stories – Answer Key

 Horror Stories

A collection of five stories exploring a variety of different approaches to the horror genre. From a violent spirit brought to life by an old whistle, to a monster who lives deep under the ground, these stories will entertain fans of horror everywhere.
Horror Stories – Answer Key

Science Fiction Stories

Five stories exploring the science fiction genre. All the essentials are covered: space travel, time travel, experiments, teleportation. Science fiction fans will not be disappointed.
Science Fiction Stories – Answer Key

20th-century-stories-cover20th Century Stories

This collection of short stories brilliantly illustrates the development of the new literary styles and perspectives that emerged during the course of the 20th century.
Twentieth Century Stories – Answer Key

Adventure-stories-coverAdventure Stories

This collection of five stories explores a variety of different literary approaches to the adventure genre.
Adventure Stories – Answer Key

Crime-stories-coverCrime Stories

This collection of five-stories puts together a variety of styles from the genre of crime writing. From the adventures of the most famous of all detectives, Sherlock Holmes, to the contemporary crime writings of Ruth Rendell and Alexander McCall Smith.
Crime Stories – Answer Key

Travel-Stories-coverTravel Stories

This collection of six excerpts takes the reader through a variety of landscapes which are both challenging and exhilarating. From the desert conditions of Mexico to the frozen land of the Northern Lights.
Travel Stories – Answer Key