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Welcome to the Fun and Games area of Will’s World, hosted by our very own Puck – the mischievous star of A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Here, you’ll find lots of fun resources to help you liven up your lessons and get students excited about Shakespeare in 2016! Ideal for warm-ups or end of class fun.


Shakespeare Infographic

Learn some fascinating facts and idioms with this special Shakespeare infographic from the Macmillan Readers!

Celebratory Infographic

If you’re after a fun and general introduction to Shakespeare, look no further than this infographic!

It features some fascinating facts and an Idioms Quiz to get students thinking and talking about the enduring, everyday relevance of Shakespeare’s language and plays. If you prefer, you can also take the Idioms Quiz online.

Celebrate Shakespeare Infographic


R&J Cast ListShakespeare’s Characters


To accompany each of our brand-new Shakespeare for Life lesson series, we’ll be publishing a fun infographic presenting social media-style profiles of each of the key characters from each play.

Romeo & Juliet infographic

Hamlet infographic



Shakespeare Characters

Meet all the stars of our seven Shakespeare Readers in our gallery of characters!

Choose your favourite and then set it as your profile picture to show the world you’re celebrating Shakespeare in 2016!

View the gallery







Shakespeare On Love

Your students will LOVE learning from this new infographic!

Get them talking with six famous quotes about love and learn some unusual terms of endearment.

Download infographic




Shakespeare Name Generator

Have fun with your class and generate your very own Shakespearean names!


Test your knowledge of Shakespeare’s language and plays with our quizzes!

Book or Bard?

Shakespeare Trivia Quiz


Shakespeare Idioms Quiz

Which Shakespeare Character Are You?


Charades is a traditional British parlour game in which one person mimes or acts out the title of a book, film, play or song whilst another person or an audience guesses the answer. We’ve got a selection of charades especially for our Shakespeare titles. Can you guess what they are?

our Shakespeare charades!