Top Tips for Teaching Shakespeare to Teens


Chris RoseTaking inspiration from lines spoken by Shakespeare’s characters, here author Chris Rose offers six top tips for teaching Shakespeare to teens.  

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  • “This story shall the good man teach his son”

Let the stories guide you – Shakespeare was a great storyteller above all else.  Start to tell your students about ghosts, witches, magical beings or star-crossed lovers to grab their attention.

  • “Be not too demanding”

Don’t expect students to read a whole play in the original version – not many native speakers do that!

  • “Lend me your ears”

Use extracts from the original texts – some of the famous, great speeches for example, setting them in context.  Learners love playing with the richness of Shakespeare’s language.

  • “Make not too much of the matter”

Use simplified versions of the texts.  Books such as the Macmillan Readers are great introductions – as a teacher, it is often your job to lead or give directions.  You can never know quite where your students will end up…

  • “O brave new world, that hath such creatures in it!”

If you can, show your students some extracts from movies or recorded plays – it can help bring the plays to life.

  • “The play’s the thing…!”

Remember Shakespeare’s originals are play scripts:  try acting some of them out, using a mixture of modernised and original languaage.