Storytelling videos

Our storytelling videos are ideal for individual learning or in the classroom. You can read along while watching the video, or just sit back and relax. Each short story will be released chapter by chapter.

Macmillan Literature Collections: Mystery StoriesThe Mysterious Card

The Mysterious card is a short story from the Macmillan Literature Collections Mystery Stories.

Richard Burwell is on a trip to Europe and one night he visits a famous music hall in Paris. That evening, a beautiful, mysterious woman gives him a card with French writing on it. When he asks the manager of his hotel to translate the card, he is asked to leave the hotel at once! He tries to get the card translated, but everyone who reads the card gets furious with Burwell! Now the police want to speak to him, too. What’s written on the card? Will Burwell ever find out?































norwoodThe Norwood Builder

The Norwood Builder is a short story from the Macmillan Reader The Norwood Builder and other Stories.

When Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson are asked to investigate the disappearance of Mr Oldacre, they need to be quick: their client John Hector McFarlane is about to be arrested for murder! Why did the old builder leave all his money to the young lawyer?  And who is Mr Cornelius? Sherlock Holmes is on the case.

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About our storyteller…

Luke Vyner is a Macmillan author and language teacher. He also runs an audio production and course design company, London Language Experience. His approach to teaching and writing is strongly influenced by a background in theatre and song writing. With interests in literature, cinematic audio, storytelling and drama techniques, Luke strives to make his educational work contemporary, creative and engaging.